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Welcome to the 24th. Engr. Bn website! My name is Robert East, I was stationed in Co.B at
Johnson Barracks from Feb. 1960 untill Sept of 1962. I was in Sgt. Gentenburg's 2nd. Platoon,
later in HQ Platoon where I was a Mechanic, then taking over as the driver of the truck mounted
air compressor, also drove the Bn staff car when need be. Afew of my friends were Richard Crumley,
Gerry Soucier (He led the band that always played in the EM & NCO Clubs). Some of the NCO's were
1st.Sgt Stump, SFC. Stone, Sgt. Manor, Sgt. Bernardo, Sgt. Gentenburg, a fellow namedWinnie
a mechanic in the motor pool. Towards the end of my tour I was transfered to D Company.

                                                      Who could forget "OLD AX-HANDLE"
                                                                Our Bn. Commanding Officer.

I made this website for all members of the 24th and hope you will send pictures of you, your families and of
your Army buddies. I know you must have taken hundreds of them while you were at JB. So send them and
together we can make this site our home of memories.

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