This is the 47th One Built Vin# - 618713 (last 6 digits)   Owner: Randy G. Michigan City, In.

A limited - production build of 69 Camaros was made in 1969 with the aluminum-blocked 427, dubbed the ZL-1.
This, according to Chevrolet production promotion engineer Vince Piggins, became COPO 9567.
COPO stands for Central Office Production Order and designates an item that's produced in very limited quantity
The COPO contained the all-aluminum 427 V-8,
Piggins, plus other selected options including the cold - air hood. It carried a suggested list price of $8581.60
and was available in the base coupe only. There was no external identification.
but was much higher, and the car qualified for the National Hot Rod Association's A/Stock and A/Stock Automatic classes.

Pictures of Randy's 69 COPO Camaro

copo pix

copo pix

copo pix


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Revised Oct. 12, 2015