An Angel Came My Way


Dedicated to: Jason and Annie
They were married September 4, 1999

Angel1Jason & AnneAngel1

Just when I was ready to shut my empty heart down,
Just when I was ready to face life with a frown.
Just when I was ready to give up on this day,
I just wasn't ready for an Angel to Come My Way.

Just like Mom had told me, you'll find her son one day.
She'll sweep you off your feet, you'll no not what to say.
She will love you my Son as I do, as long as you don't stray,
You'll be so very happy when An Angel Comes Your Way.

I have found an Angel to love, we'll share our time while here,
An Angel sent from heaven to guide me past my fears.
An Angel God selected to shield me under her wings,
To make my life complete, what ever life might bring.

Angels from Heaven are searching, looking night and day,
For someone like you and I just so they can say.
Open your heart to everyone, love thy neighbor and pray,
For even Angels from Heaven can sadly be driven Away

Love, Mom and Dad
by:  Bob East   March 8, 1999

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by: Bob East

by: Sue (Hall) Bortell Website
Dear High School Friend.

by: Sue (Hall) Bortell
Written About Me.

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