My 1969 Camaro SS


My 2 Babies

Winner of 18 first place trophies at car shows in NW Indiana.
Above is a picture of my grand-daughter and I taken in 1991.
I purchased the Camaro in 1988 and did most of the work myself.
It is Tuxedo black with white interior. Yes, Cookie Monster rides
shotgun with Danielle and I when cruising the drive-in's.

My Camaro
This picture was taken at Washington Park in Michigan City, Indiana.

My Engine

375 Hp is what makes this machine stand alone on the streets.
I have been pulled over by the Police just so they could look under the hood.

Car Show

Here I am at a car show in Crown Point, Indiana, lots of nice cars at this one.

 Out Cruising
Yeah, I was out Cruising. Here I'm pulling into the "Drive-in" to chat with my buddies.
We don't talk gals when we got our cars parked. Cars, Just Cars and more Cars.


 Parked at Drivein
Parked at the Drive-in waiting for the crowd to arrive after dark.

 A Classic Car, Street Machine or Hot Rod can take you down Memory Lane, that's why we own them.

 Drag Racing is another subject in itself. These cars can be deadly in the wrong hands.
As a group, we pretty much keep peer pressure on the novices so he or she will conduct themselves properly.



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