Yep, that's me flirting with the chick

Hi my name is Bob.
I thought I'd design this page to pay tribute to the men and women who spend endless hours working on Classic Cars. It doesn't get any better than a cool looking Street Machine, a chick hanging on your neck and a Drive-in on Friday night. The guys standing around talking about their cars. Meanwhile the girls were telling little known secrets about the guys, their pony tails bouncing as they laughed in excitement over these romantic tales.I guess it's only natural to recall our past. A time of carefree fun, laughter and first loves. The "Drive-in" was the center piece of our activity. The place where we flirted, bragged, danced and brokeup, madeup, brokeup and madeup with our High School Sweethearts. Remember? A guys car was his personality. It had to shine, run hard and look as cool as he could make it. It was his key to success back then. He knew he was moving up in the ranks by the number of times others would see it parked at "FEDDER'S ALLEY", ( local Lovers Lane overlooking Lake Michigan) its windows steamed up from kisses that blew the ends of your shoes off. This was the place where I got the better part of my High School Education. My major? "Growing up" The days when motor oil not only went in your engine, heck you could use it for hair tonic too. Jeans and leather jackets were in and the DA was a Hair Style, not a TV Show. My heart will never except getting older because it has these youthful memories to refresh its spirit. This page is for the guys I grew up with and the girls that had to put up with us. Yes, Matilda there was a first love who is still dear to my heart and she drove her car, a 53 Willy's. It's their page, this being the only way I could express my gratitude for the good times we shared together at "Elston High School", Michigan City, Indiana during the late 50's.

Thanks Gals:
Charmaine F.(Sharkey),   Lorraine U,   P. Hinote,
P.Tracy,   N. Roland,   B. Roland,   S. Knoll.

Thanks Guys:
B. Deere,   J. Schwanke,   B. Snyder,   Little John,   F. Pollard

Tribute To My Best Friend Art Sass


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