Elston High School Michigan City, Indiana


Bob and Anita (Cizewski) East

Anita and I    OUR 30TH ANNIVERSARY   

( Our 25th HS Class Reunion )        ( 30th Wedding Anniversary )      ( 50th Wedding Anniversary )

Anita and I met in the summer of 1963. We had a very short relationship, we eloped 2 weeks later.

When I first met her I was broke, her girlfriend lent me $20.00 dollars to take Anita on a date.

Later I discovered Anita had given the money to her girlfriend.

That $20.00 investment really paid off for her, I've been paying her back eversince.



Our Children Jason, Dawn and Duane

Our Son Duane with his friend Richelle
daughter Amber and son Wyatt.

Our son Duane has his own comoany and builds homes for a living.
Amber 20, is in her 2nd year of college, Wyatt is 12 in the 6th grade.

Our Son Jason and Anne

Married Sept. 4, 1999.                                       Jason and his family
                                                                                Jason is an Architect and
                                                                             Anne is an Interior Designer.
                                                                         They now live in Cincinatti, Ohio

Danielle Grand-daughter #1

Dawns daughter, my 1st grand child Daniell at 13.
Now with her own family.
Husband Josh holding (Bear) Garett, Danielle is holding Conor.


Steven, Wyatt and Am-Bam. Our son Duane had 3 children,
making us really proud garndparents.
Sadly we lost Steven at age 15 on April 17, 2005.
He love Motocross Racing and jumping ramps.

 Our daughter Dawn and husband Pat  

Parents of Grand-daughter Danielle.


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