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One evening as we headed towards the main exit we happen to find a long discolored yellowish piece of cotton gause. "Yes!", We both shouted. Evidence, El Facto, of their existence. "MUMMIES" They're here in Greenwood Cemetery. We would be Celebrities, Interviews, TV. Girls would seek us out for our autographs. Yeah, Blaine and I were going to have it all Fame and Fortune. We could see the headlines.

Oct. 4, 1952
Michigan City, Indiana


Even our Mothers would go easy on us for staying out after dark.
No way were we headed home, not now, just as we were nearing greatness.

We talked it over and determined that its resting place had to be found. We knew where to look first, we could see it from here. "It" meaning the coldest, largest CRYPT in the Cemetery. The one that had the massive front door and the barred openings near the top for ventilation. You could look right inside if you had enough guts to scale up the corner stones. "ME, WHY ME BLAINE?" I said. He said I was the only kid that had ever scaled the side of our school to reach the roof. He was right, I was the only kid at Marsh School who had that fame. "Ok, Me it is," I said half heartedly, "but you had better warn me if the MUMMY returns." I wasn't going to face it alone while he high-tailed it for home leaving me on the Crypt's roof.

CRYPT CLIMBING takes forever. Blaine kept guard as I reached and streched, slowly making my way to the top. Fingers rubbed raw, my knees had scrapes and my KIDNEYS were saying, "DON'T GO UP THERE." Careful now, just a little bit more. Whew, I made it. Peeping into the web covered opening I could hardly make out its interior. Barely enough moonlight yet I could see what looked like six burial chambers. Each one covered with a thick coat of dust and what appeared to be wilted flowers. They all had names, dates but I couldn't read them. I was mainly interested in one, it had me worried. Staring back at me was a chamber pulled halfway out. It was EMPTY. I yelled, "Hey, ones open and it's Empty." "The MUMMIES OUT!" Just when I had reached the apex of my bravery, Blaine screamed. This of course caused instant KIDNEY FAILURE. Let me tell you that falling from the roof of a CRYPT isn't the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. Had the GRIM REAPER cast me from my ghastly perch? I was hurled into darkness, breath knocked out of me and to top it off Wet Pants. Just Great! Flat on my back, I just layed there. Then it happened. A large figure in the dark, reaching out with one stiff arm. Oh God! I don't care about Fame, Autographs or Interviews. "Just save me, Please." the hand grabbed me and lifted me upward. There go the KIDNEYS AGAIN.

Heck I knew there was no such things as MUMMIES. It was Blaine's Dad and was he ever mad. He had been looking for us for over an hour.

Needless to say this story has been repeated many times over, usually late at night. This year on October 31st it will be again narrated to my grandchildren. In 1952 a slightly altered version was told to the girls at Marsh School. The way Blaine and I told it was that we had BEATEN the MUMMY, thus he promised never again to come after either of us. From now on you girls can walk with us after school and never be afraid.

In reality what got beat that night was our BUTTS by a very angry father, Mr. Heric, Blaine's Dad.

author: Bob East 10\24\96
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