Some call it work, I call it play for boys.
While others use their hands, I use big Tonka Toys.

Here we are taking delivery of a new TD-40 Bulldozer that is loaded on a flatbed railcar.
The Engine is ours also.
Everyman who works in this department is qualified on every machine
plus the Control board which operates the conveyers that carry the coal up to the 10 coal bunkers
inside the 520MW plant.

This picture is of the 970 payloader and the TD-40 Dozer. We are building a ramp so we can unload
the new machine from the flatbed railroad car. That is a man standing between the machines.

This is how it looks today after pushing 5,000,000 tons of coal over the last 10 years

The rippers on the back are used to break up frozen coal. During winter temperatures
can drop into the sub-zero range. Coal piles freeze to the depth of 26 inches.

I'm pushing coal to the other machines, they transport it to the reclaim hopper where it is conveyed
to the power plant. We furnish roughly 5,000+ tons of coal a day to the 10 coal bunkers inside the plant.


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Revised Oct. 12, 2015